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Digital Pratik finally comes out with its JorrAnthem Reloaded, powered by JorrParivar, creating NFT awareness

Pratik, like any other ambitious man, wanted to engrave his name in the world of NFT and he is working hard to create the market, leaving behind a lot of awareness. He is working on unique characters to create his NFT family. Digital Pratik is finally coming out with its JorrAnthem Reloaded, powered by JorrParivar, creating NFT awareness. He created the first community-run NFT project in India called JorrParivar.

His career has grown after working on a number of market-based digital practices, including digital marketing. He works as a digital marketing specialist, SEO specialist and blogger and finally created his dream project “Great Family”, also known as JorrParivar as an NFT specialist. The project has 22 unique intellectual properties with 1254 tokens divided into three levels, including bronze, silver and gold. Everyone has their own specialty, including many fine sessions, webinars and even meetings. These include training sessions, seminars, exclusive webinars, questions and answers, access to 12 individual conversations and a special 3-hour dinner meeting among many other facilities.

The long-awaited release of his rap anthem JorrParivar, called “JorrAnthem” in collaboration with an unknown artist, is now coming out with wild reactions from the audience. This video was created to educate and present the concept of NFT. The rap has already been reloaded and released in Hindi for its audience in collaboration with a new artist. Rap is a new concept in the Indian NFT market that has now become the rap anthem in India.

Pratik mentioned: “I’m glad to see people’s reactions to rap. The reloaded version is even more special to me, because the last time we created something like that, the audience really liked it. He’s an amazing rapper and I had so much fun portraying him as the rapper’s face in the video. I hope to see more young people on this journey as the digital world takes big turns. NFT is still a relatively new concept; however, with JorrParivar this is changing. Now more people are familiar with NFT and how it works. “

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