For some time now, Discord has been experimenting with embedding apps and games directly into chats, via the Activities feature. Now the company is for developers to join the chat-based fun. The Embedded App SDK comes out on March 18th and allows developers to create experiences that are embedded in iframes in Discord.

The Putt Party app runs on Discord.


“Many Discord developers have been eyeing Activities, wondering when they could create their own,” the company . Prior to this announcement, these tools were limited to select developers. Currently, Discord users can do things like watch YouTube, play poker, and share a whiteboard while participating in a chat. The SDK should open the floodgates and enable a dramatic increase in the number of shared experiences available. So, how long? ?

The platform also returns the representation of applications. This program encourages developers to submit app ideas and receive up to $30,000 in funding. Discord is over , including a coral reef camera, a city building simulator, and an art portfolio app, among others. Who knows what 2024 will bring.

Tool image for the Discord app. Tool image for the Discord app.


Finally, Discord announced that it is experimenting with technology to allow users to add apps to their accounts, so those experiences will follow them to the servers. A beta version of this tool will launch alongside the SDK on March 18. The company says users will start seeing apps pop up “within DMs, group chats, and small servers.”

These updates come just two months after the company announced a brutal round of layoffs that affected . CEO Jason Citron said the layoffs were necessary to put Discord “in the best position to continue building a strong and profitable business.” To this end, the company recently with game developers to sell themed avatars and various profile effects.