Disney completed its Parks and Experiences panel on D23 Expo on Sunday with a few hints of what’s to come at Walt Disney World.

Talking about what could be on the other side of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad area — aka the edge of the current Magic Kingdom map — Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro teased an Encanto area, a Coco area, and a Villain area.

The Coco area could see the town of Santa Cecilia celebrating Día de Muertos, where guests could ride on the back of a spirit guide like Dante.

The Encanto area can include a tour of the Madrigal House with Mirabelle and Bruno and features guests opening a door and discovering their own special gift.

And the “villain-ridden” area will feature Disney’s biggest villains.

Meanwhile, at Animal Kingdom, Dinoland USA is getting a long-awaited major overhaul. Disney teased potential Zootopia and Moana themes before showing off a vague concept of what the area might look like.

Also announced during the Disney Parks and Experiences panel at D23 were An expansion of the Avengers Campus multiverse at DisneylandDetails about The Princess and the Frog Rethema at Splash Mountainon Tron launch date Lightcycle Run at Disney World, the name of Disney’s next cruise ship and San Fransocchio at California Adventure.


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