The newest train in a Disney roller coaster is big with screens. Really big. Like, bigger than a big football field. But you may not realize it when you’re driving because you’re too busy screaming about the fact that your car keeps spinning in different directions on the track as you throw yourself into time and space.

We got an early preview of Guardians of the Galaxy: A Space Rewind at Epcot at Walt Disney World in Florida. The trip officially opens on May 27. This is one of the biggest domestic trains in a train, and Disney has not refrained from using new technological tricks to give inappropriate Marvel characters a hit attraction that could overshadow Marney’s other Disney walks – all with silly, Epcot-oriented story.

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I lost my mind on a roller coaster at Guardians of the Galaxy.


We give you an inside look at the experience in the video embedded above (be careful if you try to avoid spoilers). And I can tell you that some of the best technology is before you even get in the vehicle. The special effects in the pre-show literally transport you to a new Guardian adventure, where you go back in time to stop something space monster from destroying the Earth and everything we know.

This roller coaster ride is what Disney calls the Omnicoaster. Vehicles make controlled turns to keep you watching the action. The real G-forces are felt when your pad moves down the track in one direction and you are turned to the side. There are no loops or upside down, but boy, you will feel it is intense in certain parts.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Rewind at Epcot


All the while, as you move around, the Guardian gang jokes as you face certain doom. And the classic pop music that Star-Lord loves thunders through the speakers in your car. The Disney Imagineers team tested more than 100 potential songs for the attraction, but they were narrowed down to six. Guests will play one of these songs at random as it leaves: “September”, “Disco Inferno”, “Conga”, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, “I Ran” or “One Way or Another”.

This ride has no audio-animatronic figures – instead it sends guests to toss spaceships around planets and great action is projected onto multiple surfaces to make it look like you’re in space. One of those screens is bigger than a football field, according to Disney Imagineer Wyatt Winter, a senior producer at Cosmic Rewind. In an interview during our press review, he explained that the team wants to make sure that guests who don’t know much about Marvel can still enjoy this story – and the gaps will be filled while you wait at tail.


Meet Esson, a celestial who wants to abolish the Earth. Not good. Not good at all.


Epcot is a park for celebrating world cultures and presenting the possibilities of future technologies. And somehow the humor style for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise made it so that Disney could bring in a bunch of space adventurers in this park.

While waiting in the winding queue for attractions, guests learn the multi-layered backstory: Star-Lord, a fan of retro music and the Guardians leader, played by Chris Pratt, visited Epcot theme park as a child. And he is quite famous among the Xandarians, an alien race that looks just like us. The Xandarians traveled from their world to Epcot to make a pavilion to teach us about their planet and share their modern technology. But something goes wrong when the celestial steals some technology to destroy the Earth.

Still watching? As someone who is a bit fuzzy at Nova Corps (somewhat like the Xandar Space Police) and doesn’t know anything about Celestials (Universal God-stuff from the movie Eternals, which I haven’t seen yet), I found the adventure easy to understand because I was familiar with the characters from the Guardians.

Epcot fans will also find hidden references to the ride that once stood here: the universe of energy. (Star-Lord was a big fan of traveling with all the animatronic dinosaurs.)

My family and I have been to Epcot many times and, like Star-Lord, I am a fan of classic walks in the park. I was worried about how a talking raccoon with a laser gun might feel like a place in the park – and it was done the right way. Epcot is not always the star theme park at Walt Disney World, mostly because there aren’t that many attractions. This is the first big Epcot train that families can make sure to include Epcot in their vacation plans.

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