Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness went out to theaters on Friday and sent The Marvel cinematic universeThe grumpy wizard in a jumping reality adventure. Brings a director Raimi himself back to Marvel for the first time since Spiderman 3 from 2007leans heavily on his distinctive horror style and one of two scenes after credits reefs of iconic consistency since the beginning of his career.

The action of the film takes place after the events of Spider-Man: No way homewho saw Strange offer Peter Parker some magical help when working with the whole world, knowing his secret identity.

Let’s go to the portal and explore a universe full of SPOILERS. We also have a separate explanation at the end, a deep diving in the Illuminati and a list of WTF questions the movie left us.


Another wizard

In a mid-title scene, Strange happily walks the streets of Manhattan, seemingly accepting the corruption caused by his use of Darkhold. He is spotted by a blonde sorceress in a purple and pink suit (Charlize Theron). It opens a portal to the Dark Dimension, the hellish reality run by 2016 Dr. Strange, the great bad Dormamu.

“You have created an invasion and we will fix it … unless you are afraid?” She says.

“Not in the least,” he replies, opening his third eye, challenged by Darkhold.

Cover of Dr. Strange 14

Clea is one of Dr. Strange’s most reliable allies in comics.

Marvel Studios

What does it mean?

It is not named until the credits start spinning after this scene, but Theron’s character is Klia – a Dark Dimension magic that was in the comics from the 1960s.

She is the daughter of Dormamu Umar’s sister and Prince of the Dark Dimension Orini and was fascinated by Strange during one of his early adventures in this reality. Their paths have crossed many times over the years since Clea became a student of Strange and later his wife.

After the events of 2021 Miniseries The Death of Dr. Strange (you can imagine the premise), Clea replaced Strange as Supreme wizard of the Earth. Stephen will undoubtedly be resurrected and will soon return to the role, as changes in the status quo like this rarely last long in comics.

You may have been too busy rocking or screaming with joy when Reed Richards (John Krasinski) explained what invasions there were earlier in the film, but these are catastrophic events that happen when one multi-universal reality collides with another. (In the comics, this happened in Event 2015 Secret Wars.)

It’s not clear how Strange caused the invasion – he jumped through a bunch of realities in Multiverse of Madness – or what that means for the MCU, but he can see elements from a different cinematic universe passing into this one.

Such a crossover has already created a dangerous scenario (filled with delightful cameos) in No Way Home, so it is possible to see characters from Fox’s X-Men next reality. The presence of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) may have foreshadowed this.

Or maybe it’s just more desirable thinking.


Bruce Campbell’s cameo pays homage to his iconic Evil Dead character, Ash Williams.


Poppa Pizza is back

In Manhattan, in alternative reality, the rude street vendor Pizza Poppa (Bruce Campbell) previously accused America Chavez of stealing his precious dough balls. Strange struck the poor man with magic to get him off their backs, and they left him to be attacked by his own hand.

The scene after the credits takes us back to Pizza Poppa just as the campaign of violence on his meat hook ends.

“It’s over!” he says happily.

What does it mean?

This scene is unlikely to have any consequences for MCU distraction, as it is more a tribute to Campbell and Raimi’s relationship. The couple was friends from high schooland the actor plays the character Ash Williams in Raimi ‘s 1981 film The evil Dead. In the sequel to this 1987 film, Ash’s hand was bitten by one of the undead, possessed and trying to kill him.

Unlike Pizza Poppa, he tries to solve the problem by cutting off his hand and replacing it with a chainsaw (which is extremely metal). His previous hand lurks until the end of the film.

Campbell also appears in Raimi’s non-MCU Spider-Man trilogy, which appears to play three different characters. He was a wrestling announcer in the first film, an arrogant champion in the sequel and a French maĆ®tre d ‘in the third. If the discarded Spider-Man 4 was realized, the actor he could play Mysterioconfirmed Raimi to Rolling Stone.

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