The low code continues to receive a lot of press and debate. Many software developers still wonder if using low code makes the application development process better or hinders the development process and leads to worse applications. Others are worried about the security implications of low code.

Of course, if the inevitable result of using low code is greater application complexity, then low code can lead to increased security issues. But is that so? I’ve been writing a lot lately about the complexity of applications and a lot about low code. But the connection between the complexity of the application and the use of low code is an interesting prospect. Let’s dive.

Complexity does not depend on the approach

To be clear, the inevitable result of low code is not necessarily complexity. Just like traditional application development, complexity can and often does penetrate the product code base lifecycle. Although not inevitable, it is common. There are many steps you can take to reduce the complexity of applications, no matter how they are built, which improves productivity, scalability, availability, and speed of innovation.

Yes, a low code application, like all applications, can become complex and requires the use of simplification techniques to reduce complexity. But these problems are not related to the use of low code. They are just as important in regular product development processes.

The unknown is not complicated

What low code increases is the amount of code in your application that is not written directly by your development team. There is also code that is automatically generated by the low code platform or is included in libraries necessary for the operation of your application, but is not a product of your developers. This way, there is often more “unknown” code in your application when you use low-code techniques.

But the unknown is not the same thing as complexity. Unknown code – code provided by someone else and added to your application – does not in itself increase the complexity of the application.

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