drinktec calls itself the world’s leading trade fair after strengthening its status with 65 percent of exhibitors and more than 70 percent of visitors coming from countries outside of Germany.

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, CEO of Messe München, said that drinktec shows the industry “that world fairs in Europe are possible again.”

Most visitors come from abroad, and almost 40% of them are from outside Europe, such as Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and India.

“It’s quite telling that the third strongest country for visitors after Germany and Italy is the US,” Pfeiffer said.

Volker Kronseder, chairman of drinktec’s advisory board, added: “When you walk through the halls, you discover many new and further developments, you see that people from different countries are finally communicating with each other in person again. The innovation density is also extremely high this year.”

Richard Clemens, managing director of the Process Plant and Equipment Association, the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), said the industry had been waiting for drinktec in particular with bated breath.

“The atmosphere is just great. Exhibitors are impressed by the internationality and high quality of visitors,” he said.

An observation that Florian Schneider, Chief Commercial Officer of Zielmann Holvrieka acknowledges, that although drinktec is making a comeback, the numbers overall seem lower than in the past. “But the quality is high. drinktec proves once again that it is the most important international platform”, he concluded.

drinktec also lived up to this claim with the innovations on display. In total, exhibitors presented more than 700 new products and solutions in the digital offerings of the Innovation Guide and Solution Guide.

Dr. Johannes T. Grobe, head of sales and service at KHS Group, said drinktec “is the place for premieres.”

Grobe noted: “The world’s leading trade show enjoys a high reputation in the industry as the most important source of innovation and stimulus. It offers us the ideal opportunity to meet our customers and partners at an international level. We enjoyed numerous chats and discussions about new investments during the show.”

Marcus Leigh, Vice President of Global Accounts at Ecolab, added: “We believe drinktec is the premier marketplace where global industry experts and decision makers meet to identify innovations and cutting-edge technologies to advance their operations. Once again, we were able to connect with high quality and senior management level visitors to advance our business goals. Another unforgettable show!”

Reinhard Streit, vice president and managing director Food & Beverage Europe at CCL Label, praised the exhibition “In a Nutshell,” he said. “drinktec is the best global platform if you are in the beverage business.”

For visitors, drinktec is also the main networking platform of the beverage and liquid food industry.

Gary Guo, Vice President, Global Supply Chain of The Coca Cola Company, said: “It’s great to be back here in Munich at drinktec after five years. It is one of the most important events in our business calendar and a must for us. Together with our global bottling partners, we use drinktec to explore the latest developments and emerging technologies in areas such as supply chain, manufacturing, digital transformation and sustainability and look for opportunities to transform our business. This year’s event is better than ever.”

The next drinktec will be held in autumn 2025. The exact date will be announced in due course.

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drinktec hails ‘international, innovative and the highest possible quality’ at 2022 trade fair

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