Today’s labor market requires employees to acquire new skills on a regular basis in order to remain relevant and competitive. And whether it’s moving forward in an ongoing field or making a career change altogether, upgrading your skills provides an effective way to achieve that goal.

When a family emergency forced him to quit his job and pursue a career in banking, Anand Ja decided to improve his skills during his long job search. His interest and previous knowledge of programming, together with a solid understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts, led him to choose the Simplilearn Postgraduate Program (PGP) in Data Science.

Postgraduate program in data science

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Named the sexiest job of the 21st century by the Harvard Business Review, data science is a promising field for professionals who want to improve their skills in a dynamic and highly paid discipline. In addition, professionals with experience in data science and data analysis find opportunities in almost every industry, making it an even more attractive field.

“I wanted to build a strong set of skills in data science, because this is the career I want to pursue,” he said. “After almost a month of research, I decided to improve my skills with Simplilearn, because the reviews I saw were just great! I read and listened to so many Simplilearn alumni who said they were very happy with the platform and also that they saw a lot of positive results after completing the course. ”

Improving the skills to fill the career gap

Acquiring new skills provides an effective strategy for bridging the gap in CVs when professionals return to the job market. For Anand, the difference in his career was a barrier that prevented him from finding a job after a long time without a job.

“I decided that instead of wasting my time looking for a new job, I needed to improve my skills so that I had a stronger portfolio that would allow me to find a job,” he said.

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Free course: Introduction to data science

During his time at PGP in data science, Anand enjoyed the form of live classes that created an environment for collaborative learning. “Asking questions and resolving doubts in real time has only contributed to learning,” he said. “In most cases, I would post my questions and a student from the same cohort will help me with that.” Anand was also impressed by the experience and expertise of the course instructors, referring to their willingness and ability to answer questions and simplify course material. in a way that facilitates learning.

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A career investment that pays off

Simplilearn’s PGP skills development in Data Science immediately made Anand more attractive in the job market. When the search for a job before raising his qualification gave him poor results, the successful completion of the course allowed him to secure a new position in a desired organization only two months after the end of his training.

“Not only did I get a job offer after two years of career difference, but I was also offered a 50% salary increase,” he said. “Completing the course really helped me accelerate my career in my field of interest and also boosted my confidence.”

If you are ready to take the next step in your career and want to improve your skills in a dynamic field with high growth, check out Simplilearn’s postgraduate program in data science.

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