Apple’s iOS version of Earthquake Early Warning app it was recently updated to version 2024.1.0. This app was launched by the “High-tech Disaster Reduction Institute of Sichuan Chengdu” and “connects with the Apple iOS emergency alert system.” The update comes with two new features including

  • Supports early warning display settings and broadcast rules
  • Add an alert feature subscription
  • In-app purchases

The size increased by around 900 MB after this update and the current app size is 1.17 GB. In comparison, the size of the previous version “2023.1.1”, which was released 8 months ago, was 236 MB. According to users, this application is currently loading and the subscription price is 10 yuan (less than $2)/year. Also, at the time of publication, the app has a score of 2.8 (out of 5).

Improved features and functionality

With the updated version of the app, users can expect improvements in the accuracy, timeliness and overall user experience of earthquake alerts. The larger size can accommodate more extensive data sets, advanced earthquake detection algorithms, as well as improved visualization tools for monitoring seismic activity. In-app purchases can offer users access to exclusive features such as real-time notifications for specific regions, detailed earthquake analysis or personalized safety recommendations.

User experience and accessibility

The Earthquake Early Warning app update highlights Apple’s commitment to providing users with critical information and safety measures during seismic events. By increasing the size of the app and introducing in-app purchases, Apple aims to improve user engagement, improve disaster preparedness and offer a more comprehensive earthquake monitoring experience. These changes also align with Apple’s commitment to using technology for public safety and emergency response.

Future implications and considerations

As technology continues to play a vital role in disaster management and early warning systems, the evolution of apps like Apple’s Earthquake Early Warning reflects the growing emphasis on using mobile platforms to disseminate real-time information and reduce risk. The increased size and introduction of in-app purchases signal a strategic move toward providing users with more robust earthquake preparedness and response tools.

Earthquake detection from the Auckland fiber optic network


In conclusion, the update to version 2024.1.0 of Apple’s Earthquake Early Warning iOS app represents a significant step toward improving earthquake warning capabilities and user experience. By expanding the size of the app and including in-app purchases, Apple hopes to provide better functionality and personalized services to users looking for reliable earthquake information and safety measures.

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