Elbit Systems and Rheinmetall Canada wrote a Memorandum of Understanding (MoR) to implement Canada’s Joint Fire Modernization (JFM) project.

The $ 100- $ 249 million JFM project aims to facilitate the immediate, near-real-time sharing of a common operational picture (COP) of objectives, locations, and command and control activities over a digital network.

The agreement will allow the two companies to integrate their expertise to propose a solution to the country’s armed forces.

Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber ​​general manager Chaim Delmar said: “I believe that developing a joint fire solution for Canada, based on the experience the two companies are gaining in Canada and the United Kingdom, will allow us to offer more high level of technological maturity, clear growth path and stable compatibility with Five Eyes. ”

A major contractor in the Canadian Army, Rheinmetall Canada demonstrates experience in real-time command and control software development and system integration.

Rheinmetall recently unveiled its Canadian partners on the Army’s Land Crew Training System (LVCTS) project.

On the other hand, Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries have taken care of the needs of various defense requirements, ranging from aerospace, land and naval systems, reconnaissance surveillance to drone systems and advanced electro-optics.

The company was selected to supply the future (D-JFI) system for the integration of joint fires to the British Armed Forces.

In addition, he was selected to supply the TORCH-X BMS for the Airspace Coordination Center (ASCCM) modernization project in Canada.

Stephen Orly, President and CEO of Rheinmetall Canada, said: “Rheinmetall and Elbit are ready to deliver dismantled and installed digital joint fire solutions that enable the Department of National Defense to provide responsive and accurate joint fire support.

“Working with Elbit Systems to develop a flexible, robust and responsive digital co-firing solution would effectively and comprehensively protect Canadian military men and women.

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