Elbit Systems UK has took control for the operation of the Royal Navy’s Composite Marine Training System (MCN) as part of the Selborne program.

MCTS is a software-based simulation system that copies the combat operating rooms of the RN warship to allow trainees to practice, develop and hone their military skills.

The Selborne program includes the modernization of shore training for the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines.

Led by the Capita Consortium Team Fisher, which includes Elbit Systems UK, Raytheon UK, Fujitsu, the University of Lincoln and other industry partners and suppliers, it won the contract.

The start of operations is an important milestone achieved by Elbit Systems as an integrator of synthetic training in the Team Fisher program.

The company will now hire more than 60 employees for a wide range of roles, including manufacturing and engineering.

Martin Fauset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK, said: “Elbit Systems UK is proud to have reached this key stage in providing training opportunities for the Royal Navy as we formally take control of systems that are critical to effective training of our naval forces.

“As part of this, we are pleased to welcome over 60 new staff to Elbit Systems UK to support our ongoing work for the UK Armed Forces.

As an integrator of synthetic training, Elbit Systems UK will also be responsible for implementing improved simulation systems to provide transformed training to seafarers and marines.

Elbit Systems UK will additionally manage and manage the team of trainers for warships and submarines of the Royal Navy.

In addition, the company will be responsible for providing a full range of training courses for RN seafarers assigned to the sea.

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