REO UK presents its guide to EMI filters at the upcoming EMC exhibition.

Electricity quality specialist REO UK will attend the EMC & Compliance International Exhibition at the Newbury Racecourse in Newbury, Berkshire, from 18 to 19 May 2022. REO will present its latest book on EMI filters, as well as its range of high quality energy equipment that includes components , electric regulators and electric controllers. To inquire about these decisions, attendees can visit the REO at booth 34.

At EMC & Compliance International 2022 REO will present its latest book, The practical guide of engineers for EMI filters. This will be 18you a book published by REO and written by Dr. Min Zhang, a contributor to Cherry Clough Consultants LTD. The guide focuses on helping engineers understand the basics of EMI and advises them on how to design efficient filters so that products such as inductors, capacitors and resistors exceed EMC standards. The book will be available to those present at the REO stand. [CL1]

Accompanying the guide, the REO booth will present a range of products used in medium voltage energy systems for applications such as electric vehicles, wind turbines and electromedical solutions. These products include EMC filters, water cooling systems and chokes. Several of these products have advantages that can provide a return on investment through lower energy consumption and extended product life. As an example, REO’s latest generation of N-chokes and CNW filters can reduce power loss by up to 25 percent as a result of reduced weight and single-layer structure.

Attendees will be able to speak with Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK, and Michelle Gilam, Operations Manager at REO UK, EMC & Compliance International. Attendees will also be able to inquire about REO’s ability to offer product modifications and individual designs that best suit their business needs.

“EMC & Compliance International is the perfect time to showcase the new REO book The practical guide of engineers for EMI filters“Steve Hughes explained. “EMC testing can be monotonous and challenging, especially if your product continues to fail. This event gives us the opportunity to share experiences with people who need support, whether it is support in designing an EMI filter or simulating its performance. Our new book, which will be available at our booth, is a useful tool that we are looking forward to sharing with the show’s visitors. “

EMC & Compliance International is a free exhibition that focuses on electromagnetic compatibility technology that affects all aspects of electrical equipment. It will be the first live event in Newbury in seven years and will include more than 30 companies that are experts in their field on EMC directives, components and software for EMC modeling. The show also includes a full program of training sessions and EMC seminars, which are available to attendees on topics such as Brexit, simulation and electrostatic discharge suppression (ESD).

To learn more about the innovative, energy-efficient and EMC-compliant solutions that REO will present at EMC & Compliance International, contact Michelle Gilam using one of the two [email protected] or 01588 673411.

[CL1]Michelle – will exhibitors also be able to order / buy copies of the book?

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