April 28, 2022, Harrow, UK –

Electro Rent, a provider of test and technology solutions and services, has introduced a new e-commerce feature on its website in France and the United Kingdom. This user-friendly feature gives current and new customers the opportunity to purchase certified used (CPO) testing equipment directly online. By supporting the company’s reputation as an easy trading partner, customer shopping has become even more efficient and effective.

Providing added value to the customer, Electro Rent’s e-commerce feature brings functionality and convenience to the CPO test equipment market. Customers can now take advantage of easy, automated purchases in just four steps. Available 24/7, e-commerce allows test specialists, engineers and project / program managers to provide warehouse equipment with immediate effect.

On the Electro Rent website, simply click on “Buy used test equipment” (under the Services section) and view the wide range of fully calibrated and ready-to-ship CPO products. A number of filters are available to refine each search, including manufacturer, product group, and by-product group. Full details of the product, specifications and price are clear for each eligible product.

The shopping cart facility and the ability to create an account and track / view all order information create an experience that will be familiar to many who benefit from online retail. In addition, secure and verified transactions provide complete peace of mind for financial coordinators with all major credit cards
accepted. Each order for CPO test equipment comes with free shipping.

“Electro Rent is constantly looking for ways to ensure market differentiation and provide real added value to customers,” said Gavin Lessing-Kahler, senior vice president and general manager of EMEA and the company’s technology products. “The retail market has been using e-commerce for many years, simplifying
all the experience of online shopping. We want to ensure that industry professionals take advantage of the same
level of convenience for their CPO testing equipment needs.

More and more companies are turning to CPO testing equipment as a cost-effective but reliable means of meeting the requirements of budget-friendly projects with limited implementation time. The Electro Rent e-commerce feature simplifies this journey for our customers in France and the United Kingdom. ” For more information visit

Electro Rent brings online purchasing to the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) test equipment market in France and the UK

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