Electrolube, a brand of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global provider of integrated solutions from our circuit, assembly and semiconductor divisions, which provides unparalleled capabilities in electronics design and manufacturing, formulates a conformal coating (FPC) specifically to solve a number of problems encountered by a particular user of materials with surface modifiers. The product has been particularly well received and has just received UL94V-0 approval, which further refines the proposal.

The consumer in question (a major manufacturer of power distribution electronics) initially expressed interest in Electrolube surface modifier materials due to long-standing and unresolved coverage and connectivity issues. Their rationale for using a surface modifier coating as opposed to a conventional conformal coating was correct, as the combination of the required coating thickness (2 µm) and very low film strength (abrasion resistance) can facilitate huge processing benefits. Users of surface modifier coatings can completely cover the PCB and connectors without masking, because when the male and female contact surfaces are joined, abrasion forces during insertion must remove the pure coating material, allowing electrical contact.

However, the user complained that their experience with surface modifier materials was quite the opposite; the material will not be wiped clean during installation, which creates an additional process of inspection and re-testing. Checking the coating coverage was also very difficult due to the lack of UV traces and the user could not be sure of the integrity of the coating.

With many variations in the shape and design of the board, as well as many different formats of connectors, a new approach and coating material was required. Electrolube accepted the challenge to develop a cost-effective material that would also solve all technical problems with connection and verification.

The new, non-flammable fluorinated polymer coating – FPC, was developed and passed a series of customer tests, including tests for very severe salt spray, humidity and mixed corrosive gases; all tests passed successfully. Extensive connectivity testing confirmed noticeable improvements over previous results tested by the user, while the inclusion of a UV trace meant that the boards were now much easier to check for coverage. Overall new FPC the coverage has led to significant cost savings.

Electrolube’s performance, verification and cost improvements FPC the coating, compared to previously used material and the results of machine tests in different companies to confirm compatibility, means that the company is able to simply move to FPC as a drop-in substitute.

Robert Crosby-Clark, Director of Strategic Marketing at Electrolubecomments: “The partnership between us and the client’s engineering team is an excellent example of Electrolube’s dedicated approach to problem solving. With a strong focus on both research and collaboration, we are constantly developing new products, such as FPC coating, and are always making extra efforts – not only to ensure that the product is suitable for the job, but also to advise and assist our customers choose the safest, most appropriate and economical method of application. “

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MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions allows the interconnection of electronics through innovative specialty chemicals and materials from our brands Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester and MacDermid Enthone. We serve all global regions and all stages of the production of devices in each segment of the electronics supply chain. Experts in our departments of semiconductor solutions, circuit solutions and assembly solutions work with OEMs and manufacturers to implement new technologies that redefine what is possible in device design. Our world-class maintenance is constantly at hand to ensure optimized results in terms of yield and productivity. Our solutions can increase productivity, reduce the carbon footprint, lower overall cost of ownership and enable innovation in electronics.

Electrolube is a brand of MacDermid Alpha Electronic solutions. The main product groups include conformal coatings, encapsulation resins, thermal control materials, contact lubricants, cleaning solutions, encapsulation resins and maintenance and maintenance aids.

Electrolube’s UL94V-0 Approved Alternative to 3M Novec 2702 Electronic Grade Coating

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