KUNBUS devices, gateways and expansion modules can save time and money for design engineers in developing new applications for industrial automation and control.

element14, Avnet and a global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has signed a new distribution agreement with KUNBUS to further improve its portfolio of industrial automation solutions and control applications. Design engineers can save time and money by using devices, gateways and expansion modules in the KUNBUS portfolio to implement Industry 4.0 in their business.

KUNBUS specializes in industrial communications for automation, processes, production and propulsion, provided by its modular open source hardware platform based on the Raspberry Pi, Revolution Pi. This flexible and cost-effective, industrial-grade device delivers the Raspberry Pi’s productivity and simplicity to the industrial control market. Element14 customers already have a wider range of solutions for designing automation and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects. The additional functionality offered by KUNBUS digital and analog expansion modules and gateways also facilitates retrofitting.

KUNBUS’s product portfolio is now available for fast delivery by element14, including:

  • RevPi Connect +: Powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, the device offers users maximum freedom in designing and executing IIoT projects due to the open platform concept. Two Ethernet sockets allow the device to be connected to both the automation network and the IT network, which allows it to transmit machine data from the workshop to the cloud or higher-level IT system. RevPi Connect also has two USB jacks, one micro-HDMI jack and one micro-USB jack.
  • RevPi Core 3+: With up to 32 GB of flash memory, RevPi Core 3+ is an ideal base module for those who need more storage space than its predecessor RevPi Core 3. Powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, RevPi Core 3+ has two USB sockets, HDMI socket, micro-USB socket and Ethernet connection as interfaces.
  • Digital and analog I / O modules: The range of digital and analog modules can transform the Revolution Pi into an industrial control unit when connected to the RevPi Core base module. Three versions are available: a standard version with 14 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs and two special versions that have either 16 digital inputs or 16 digital outputs. All are equipped with the same 28-pin I / O connector on the front. The RevPi Analog I / O (AIO) expansion module adds four analog inputs, two analog outputs and two RTD channels to the Revolution Pi system. The inputs, outputs and RTD channels are galvanically isolated to each other and to the logic circuit. RevPi AIO is protected against interference in accordance with the requirements of EN 61131-2 and can operate from -30 ° C to + 55 ° C ambient temperature.
  • A series of modular gateway solutions: By enabling continuous and reliable communication between different networks and systems, the KUNBUS Modular Gateway Solution series efficiently converts all data that the target network can transfer. It skips non-transferable data and adds the necessary data to the new network to ensure communication from one closed network to another. Compact plug-and-play protocol mounted on a DIN rail

Converters can be added to connect one network to another and are easy to exchange as needed.

Romain Sore, head of the single-computing department at element14, said: “We are pleased to add KUNBUS to our portfolio. They are a significant addition to our ever-growing supply of SBC solutions for industrial automation and control applications. KUNBUS offers a platform that further extends the productivity and simplicity of the Raspberry Pi to industrial environments with the added benefit of allowing our customers to upgrade existing systems, which is a challenge in most sectors.

As a global distributor, element14 provides customers with quick access to easy-to-use professional products with a wide range of key SBC platforms and tools from leading brands, including Raspberry Pi, Intel (NUC series), Industrial Shields and more. Technical support is available 24/5 to ensure that engineers can take advantage of the latest technological innovations for experimentation and new product design.

element14 can support customers as they adopt ideas from specification to production with end-to-end product development solutions offered through the Avnet ecosystem. Customers also benefit from free access to valuable online resources on the element14 website and the element14 engineer and manufacturer community.

The KUNBUS range of devices, gateways and expansion modules is now available from Farnell and element14 in APAC.

element14 signs new distribution agreement with KUNBUS

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