As the northern hemisphere prepares to immerse itself in the comforts of summer, Twitter employees continue to experience the chills of March. That’s the nature of glamorous billionaire Elon Musk, who tweeted that his $ 44 billion deal to acquire Twitter has been postponed, citing pending details in support of Twitter’s claim that only 5% of the platform’s user base is compiled on spam / fake accounts.

There are no internal sources to confirm the same, so all that exists as evidence is Musk’s own word, which seems to be a viable source for only half the world’s population. Musk spoke out about the inconvenience of spam bots and fake accounts on the platform, and said tackling the problem was his priority once he took control.

This does not mean that it can be nothing but what it looks like. Twitter’s stock price fell in the summer after it was down in pre-market trading. It could just be a good old-fashioned corporate battle “who’s weak.” Elon’s word puts stock prices in jeopardy, which could allow him to renegotiate a cheaper deal (Negotiation is not under the rich elite, it’s a skill.). On the other hand, twitter, which reports lower than the actual number of spam accounts, would suggest that the value of the platform will be less than what Twitter announced if a larger percentage of users are just spam bots.

In a statement last month stating that the number was 5%, Twitter also mentioned the risks of uncertainty they face until the deal with Elon is completed. Advertisers’ trust in a platform that has no clear direction is certainly a problem.

The corporate structure behind the social media giant known as Twitter continues to tremble from top to bottom. As employees wait and see who their boss will be by the end of the year, senior executives are beginning to avoid cracks in what appears to be coup led by the current CEO Parag Agraval.

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