Ever wanted to smell like burnt keratin? Oddly enough, you’re the target demographic for Elon Musk’s latest product innovation: Burnt Hair cologne. Yes you can buy it.

Aroma is the realization of a a tweet made by Musk in September and is being sold through Musk’s The Boring Company, which you may remember has sold other novelty items in the past, like the Not-A-Flamethrower. The promotional images show a red bottle with a ruby-like gem on top. It’s not the most imaginative design if you grew up with cheap celebrity-endorsed perfumes, but then a vessel for the aroma of burnt follicles doesn’t deserve to be classy.

At $100, Burnt Hair hardly fits into the “cheap” category, but neither the questionable name nor the high price are enough to deter Musk’s fans: over 10,000 bottles of the stuff have been sold as of this writing. according to Musk. It is million dollars… so far.


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