We live in a connected world with tens of billions of IoT devices, soon trillions, residing in wired and wireless domains. We have a huge opportunity to change the way we live and work and strive to improve productivity to make the world better and safer! The presentation will demonstrate how smart energy harvesting and innovative digital isolation solutions can make a big impact: For the wireless IoT, energy harvesting has the potential to sustainably increase power. A new chip-scale energy harvester will illustrate a precise way to harvest thermal energy widely available in industrial environments. Data security and integrity are significant concerns for wired IoT in the noisy and dangerous high-voltage environments typical of many of these applications. The next generation of integrated digital isolation provides accurate current and voltage reading for robots, energy measurement, battery management and secure Gbps communication with industrial or medical instruments. Compact isolated DC/DC converters provide easy-to-use, EMC-compliant, fully integrated multi-protocol transceivers for Industry 4.0. The technologies are there to achieve better IoT resilience, safety and data integrity – we need to use them at scale.

Presented by Karthi Gopalan, General Manager, Isolation Business Unit, Industrial Automation at Analog Devices

PowerUp Virtual Expo 2022

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