Smart devices have come a long way and there is a whole ecosystem that you can use to add serious convenience to your everyday life. From lights to thermostats, there are many smart devices and devices with activated Wi-Fi that you can control from anywhere or just using the sound of your voice. If you want to start building your network of smart devices or add some to your existing collection, only today, until 23:55 PT (2:55 ET), Amazon offers big discounts for various SwitchBot smart devices, some of which are sold with up to 57% discount. You can see the whole selection here:

By adding $ 22 SwitchBot Huball SmartBot smart devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, so they are designed to integrate seamlessly into your home, no matter what intelligent speaker or smart display you have. There are a variety of convenient devices that you can get at a good price right now. Smart light is one of the simplest and most flexible smart devices you can add to your home and you can take it Smart LED bulb SwitchBot only for $ 12 at the moment. You can control the color and brightness of this 60-watt equivalent light bulb from anywhere using your phone, or set it to a timer to fit your usual routine.

Or for only $ 11, $ 14 off the regular price, you can get this Intelligent thermostat SwitchBot. It is equipped with both a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor and stores data from the last 68 days so you can track your home’s heating patterns and energy usage. It also gives you real-time alerts when room temperature jumps or drops dramatically, making it a great addition to any room where precise temperature control is crucial, such as a wine cellar.

There’s even a device to add smart features to all the non-smart devices you have. IN Pressing the SwitchBot buttons is exactly what it sounds like. This is a small box that you can mount with glue that has an arm that extends to press a physical power button or turn a switch. You can use it on lighting switches, a coffee maker, a computer or really any device that has a specific power button that is relatively easy to reach. This may not be the most elegant solution, but it is an efficient and economical alternative to replacing all the appliances you have with a more expensive smart version. You can get it for only $ 20, which is $ 19 from the regular price.

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