Exegy Incorporated by Enyx. Global investment firm Marlin Equity Partners has backed the deal. The combined company (now Exegy Inc.) in its product package offers the use of low latency programmable gate technology (FPGA) technology at all stages of the trading life cycle. Accelerating the development of custom trading solutions, even Enyx’s line of low-latency FPGA trading products is included in the deal.

Regarding the deal, Jim O’Donnell, CEO of Exegy, said: “We look forward to integrating Enyx with Exegy to create a combined solution that removes any restrictions on ‘build or buy’.

Excited that both companies will join forces, Arno Deras, CEO of Enyx, commented: “The combination of two technology plants, Exegy and Enyx, will allow retailers to reduce time to market and create commercial success. . “

David Taylor, Exegy’s Co-Chair and Chief Technology Officer for the integration of the Enyx team, commented: tackling a wider range of challenges in the trade ecosystem “,

Commenting on the deal, Exegy’s chief revenue officer Craig Schachter said: “The decision now is not whether to build against a purchase, but what combination of the two can help customers achieve flexibility and reach the market faster,” Schachter said. .

Exegy also merged with Vela Trading Systems last year.

Enyx Acquired by Exegy

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