US-based printing company Essentium has demonstrated the viability and efficacy of its additive manufacturing (AM) technology. to enhance the US Navy’s ability to conduct expeditionary support operations.

The company demonstrated its solutions at the US Navy’s Repair Technology Exercise 2022 (REPTX 22), the first iteration of which took place from August 22 to September 2 in Port Hueneme, California.

During the exercise, Essentium team members demonstrated the capabilities of their modified Essentium 280i HSE 3D printer, which has new features for field deployment.

This 3D printer was introduced as part of an ongoing effort with the US National Guard Bureau (NGB) and the US Air Force (USAF) to provide joint capabilities for 3D printing endeavors.

Essentium Chief Technology Officer Eliza Teipel said, “Essentium is committed to exploring the edge of AM and is grateful to have found such incredible partners in ARCWERX, the USAF Rapid Sustainment Service, and now the US Navy to do.

“We’re excited to work together on challenges, participate in amazing events like REPTX, and excited to see what’s next.”

AM technology was showcased during REPTX and applied to various real-world scenarios hosted by the US Navy.

These include unmanned systems, robotics, augmented reality, repair, communication and data connectivity.

In addition to Essentium, approximately 60 naval, academic and industrial partners from around the world took part in REPTX 22.

Held aboard the US Navy Self-Defense Test Ship (SDTS), REPTX allowed participants to showcase innovative technologies and solutions to various maintenance challenges facing the US Navy.

Essentium Third Applications Engineer Zach Burhope said, “The opportunity to work directly with Sailors offered incredible insight into how additive manufacturing can benefit the future of digital manufacturing in the Navy.

“The unique environment of a Navy ship has demonstrated the need for a deployable digital manufacturing solution that can meet the wide variety of parts needs both in port and while underway.”

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