It says such services, ranging from launches to the end of the satellites’ lives, are expected to generate $ 4.4 billion in revenue by 2031, involving more than 50 companies.

The six markets covered in the report include: Last Mile Logistics (LML), Life Extension, Active Debris Removal (ADR), Orbit Assembly and Manufacturing (OOAM) and Space Situation Awareness (SSA).

It estimates space situational awareness as the largest market with revenue of $ 1.4 billion over the next ten years, and LML is estimated to be ten times smaller. The ever-increasing demand for satellites and congested orbital environments fuels the need for SSA services, while satellite operators are supporting SSA services to raise awareness of the domain and protect their assets both above and on the ground.

Why is situational awareness leading? The ever-increasing demand for satellites and the congested orbital environment fuels the need for such services, says Euroconsult.


“Despite a 52% increase in value between 2012-2021 and 2022-2031, Euroconsult expects the average starting price to be divided into three times the coefficient. This is due to the emergence of new suppliers, ranging from special access of small satellites to space to ultra-heavy reusable launchers with different proposals for value for money. With the expected new generation of GTO (Geostationary Transfer Orbit) compatible launchers, the market is currently experiencing a challenging transition with short-term difficulty. “

“However, as reusable horizons are gradually being approved by competitors of the current flagship SpaceX, superheavy and fully reusable launch vehicles, which are currently underdeveloped, could disrupt satellite design and fuel resilience in search of launches.

He estimates the debris removal market at $ 980 million, with up to 257 addressable GEOs coming to an end by 2031 (see infographic above).

“There is a long way to go before we see nodes and networks in orbit and a real supply chain, but we are beginning to see proven flight services and early customer support,” said Maxim Puteau, editor of the report. “Our analysis shows that these supply-side markets are yet to shift to buyer markets.

You can read the report here.

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Euroconsult sizes $4.4bn Space Logistics market

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