Can Google put its technology experience into a smartwatch? That’s all we know so far about the alleged Pixel Watch, including its release date and specs rumors.

It has long been speculated that Google will join the wearable game with its own smartwatch, but there have been several fake dawns on the project. Now it finally seems that the brand will really release the so-called Pixel Watch in 2022 and in this article you will find everything we know about it so far.

Release date

Year after year, we’ve been hearing various sources of speculation that the Pixel Watch is just around the corner, although we haven’t seen it appear yet. Finally, however, it seems likely to be revealed in the near future.

Among others, the outgoing John Prosser claims that the Pixel Watch is likely to be confirmed on Google I / O, along with the Pixel 6a. This event, which runs from Wednesday, May 11th to Thursday, May 12th, will be mostly for developers to take a closer look at Android 13, but apparently this year it looks like new hardware products will get just as much attention as much as the new operating system.

However, as you will notice from the tweet above, it seems that Google will not actually stop startup The smartwatch of this event, for now, is simply “annoying”, although it may appear on the shelves in October of that year.

Another clue that the launch could be temptingly close was the tweet above from Evan Blass, which seemed to show an available lesson for the Pixel Watch (codenamed “Pixel Rohan” in the company).


  • Expired design renderings show the slim profile
  • Almost frameless display
  • Single physical entrance

While John Prosser was among the first to reveal renderings for the Pixel Watch some time ago, we have since been treated to more detailed images that give us a more specific idea of ​​what to expect. The latest render comes with the kind assistance of Evan Blass and even gives us a look at the supposedly minimalist dial for the device.

Image Credit: Evan Blas / 91mobiles

This visualization provides a close look at the legendary rotating crown on the right side of the watch, which appears to include a textured surface that is not too different from the cow presented on the Apple Watch 7. When paired with the original renderings by Jon Prosser (see below) below), which include a look at the one-color straps for wearing watches, it’s easy to get a more stable image of what a Pixel watch will actually look like.

Pixel Watch
Image Credit: John Prosser

However, the leaks don’t end with rendering, as a real Pixel Watch was spotted on the wrist of a Reddit tagtech414 user. These images reveal that the Pixel Watch is a little thicker than you might believe the renderings, but the overall design confirms these earlier leaks.

Android Central there is also publishes images of what he considers the Pixel Watch. The round body has a simple look, with a crown for navigation. Images of the strap, which certainly has much in common with the Sport Band sold with the Apple Watch, were also shown. However, it cannot be extracted in its entirety from the images, as the watch does not load – so we cannot see the software in full action.

Pixel Watch features

  • Set to run on Wear OS 3
  • Google has partnered with Samsung on the software
  • There will be integration with Fitbit

During last year’s Google I / O event, the company unveiled its new wearable platform, which has since been dubbed Wear OS 3 and can be found running on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. However, we expect a very different user interface style for the Pixel Watch. according to Google’s tastes and quite a bit of integration with Fitbit on top.

Google has already hinted at this, but has yet to reveal exactly what part of the Fitbit ecosystem will make its way to Wear OS 3. This could be either simply integrating the tracker for minutes on the Fitbit hotspot, or full acceptance of the Fitbit Premium service which offers access to a range of workouts and wellness activities.

Wear OS update

Aside from the small animation you can see below, there’s not much to go on about how this will look or work, but the perspective is tempting.

During the announcement, it was revealed that this updated software will focus on battery life, performance and make it easier for developers to build applications. One example of focusing on performance was a new shortcut that would allow you to quickly jump between applications. In addition, you will finally be able to download music from YouTube Music, a feature that was missing after the death of Google Play Music.

There are plenty of devices like Mobvoi, Fossil and others that use Wear OS, and Google said those companies will still be able to use the new software.

Apart from the software cooperation, there is also evidence that the two giants could join forces for hardware, as well. 9to5Google revealed that the Pixel Watch can run on Samsung Exynos processor. In addition, this source claims that the unreleased wearable device may include a version of the next generation of Google Assistant, which can be accessed via a secondary button, which is not shown in all renderings that we have seen so far. These benefits of the new Smart Assistant iteration may include the ability to perform in-app tasks using only your voice, and change your device settings while you’re completely offline.

In a particularly intriguing development, Google also patented a technology that will allow you to control a wearable device by touching the skin next to it, rather than on the screen itself. LetsGoDigital claim that tapping or sliding to the device will create a mechanical wave that can be detected by sensors and an accelerometer to be recorded as an input, while wearable devices will be able to distinguish between intentional physical input and other inappropriate movements. However, it is doubtful that this technology is ready for the first generation Pixel Watch.

Pixel Watch: Everything you need to know about Google’s illusive smartwatch

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