Highly hardened, expanding structural adhesives reliably join gaps while adding strength and stiffness to body-in-white structures, chassis and closures. When used in vehicle body construction between cavities in sheet metal, these hybrid epoxies improve vehicle structural performance with minimal weight reduction compared to alternative solutions. These products help provide superior joint quality with better adhesion in areas that are difficult to bond with their non-expanding counterparts. The technology has been successfully implemented in body shops to reinforce roof structures, panoramic roofs and body structures to improve impact resistance.

This 60-minute technical webinar will discuss how these new solutions can provide benefits beyond non-expandable adhesives, including a look at real-world case studies. This technology can also be used to improve joining of similar and dissimilar substrates in areas of the vehicle where access to welds may be limited and where design gaps may vary.

Audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.

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Frank Biloto, AMS Business Development Manager, DuPont

Frank Biloto identifies and develops innovations that support DuPont’s business strategy for advanced mobility in the Americas. Responsible for business growth, he collaborates with global and regional teams to identify target market trends and lead the execution of marketing strategies. Frank represents DuPont on the NAATBatt trade association board of directors and is also an active member of the Adhesives and Sealants Council Task Force and the SAE Battery Systems Adhesives, Sealants and Heat Transfer Materials Committee.

Ray Biss, Senior Research Engineer, Structural Adhesives, DuPont

Ray Biss is responsible for the technical service and development of structural automotive adhesives for DuPont. He has more than 30 years of experience in formulating, launching products and troubleshooting in the industry. Ray has worked with a wide variety of chemicals that include PVC sealants, two-part urethanes, epoxy pressure sensitive reinforcements and highly cured epoxy adhesives. With experience gluing structural joints and reinforcement panels in both body and paint shops as well as automotive plants, Ray has a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges of applying and using adhesives to improve automotive performance.


Amanda Hosey, Editor, SAE Media Group

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