“This area has refreshed people’s insights into many fundamental laws,” according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. “They have unlocked many new devices and systems, such as cover-ups, tunneling, and holograms.” The development of 6G wireless communications, green IoT and digital twinning is where smart meta-surfaces can benefit. ”

They point to adjustable functional materials such as Ge2Sat2they5 and devices such as PIN diodes, which are already available for constructing elements for such surfaces and exploring ways to distribute intelligence means through arrays of these elements.

As a follow-up to the study, the researchers looked at applications in wireless communication, in particular meta-surface-modulated backscatter communications, and in smart metering using wave-based computing.

Although it concentrates on microwave surfaces, much of the content can be read to terahertz, infrared or optical surfaces.

Intelligent metasurfaces: control, communication and computation“, Published in eLight, is an extensive and detailed document that can be read in full without payment.

Intelligent metasurfaces laid bare

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