TDK Corporation announces that InvenSense ICP-20100, the latest generation of SmartPressure MEMS barometric pressure sensors, is now in mass production and is certified by NextNav. Launched in 2021, the NextNav Certified process independently verifies InvenSense sensor accuracy measurements, engaging directly with component manufacturers to rigorously test sensors in real-world scenarios. NextNav Certified supports these manufacturers in measuring performance against higher standards, ultimately benefiting cordless phones, wearables, and other devices, providing a strong performance guarantee for hardware manufacturers using certified components. The ICP-20100 is the lowest power barometric pressure sensor to receive this certification.

The ICP-20100 can operate over a wide temperature range and provide the measurement accuracy required by a variety of applications, including 3D geolocation and emergency location service (E911), mobile indoor / outdoor navigation, sports and fitness activity tracking, and altitude retention. in drones. The sensor allows extended battery life for permanently switched on applications due to its extremely low power consumption.

InvenSense intelligent pressure sensors use an innovative capacitive MEMS architecture to provide industry-leading accuracy, long-term deflection, temperature stability and low power consumption. The ICP-20100 combines barometric pressure and temperature sensor in a small package of 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.8 mm. The device allows flexible user designs with multiple input voltage levels, including 1.2V, 1.8V and 3.3V, and a choice of I²C, I3CSM and SPI interfaces. The ICP-20100 can be configured to achieve ultra-low noise or ultra-low power and has the flexibility to operate anywhere between these thresholds. With ultra-low pressure measurement capabilities, the ICP-20100 can detect changes in altitude below 5 cm.

A comprehensive development kit, the DK-20100, and an evaluation platform, the EV_ICP-20100, are also available with the necessary software to enable rapid marketing of client systems. In addition to the ICP-20100, the pressure sensors ICP-10125, ICP-10101 and ICP-10111 are part of the SmartPressure Sensor family and are available from distributors worldwide that offer InvenSense products.

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