SiC power supplies are displacing their previous Si counterparts in several high-volume power applications. As SiC’s market share continues to grow, the industry is removing the last barriers to mass commercialization, which include higher than Si device cost, relative lack of wafer flatness, presence of basal plane dislocations, reliability and robustness concerns, and the need of a workforce experienced in SiC power technology to keep pace with growing demand. To enable the cost-effective production of SiC, high-yield manufacturing processes are required. Numerous established silicon processes have been successfully transferred to SiC. However, the properties of the SiC material necessitate the development and optimization of specific processes, including wafer thinning, etching, heated implantation and annealing, and low-resistance ohmic contact formation. In this presentation, we will review the key aspects of SiC fabrication technology and outline CMOS-incompatible processes that have been streamlined to enable mass production of SiC power devices in standard SiC fabs.

Presented from Victor Veliadis, Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, Executive Director and CTO, PowerAmerica, and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State University

PowerUp Virtual Expo 2022

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