Facebook can track you online, as you may know, but it has a simple privacy setting to turn it off. It’s called a non-Facebook activity tool and has been around since 2019. It lets you see and control data that apps and websites share with the platform – and monitor the type of information that third-party apps have access to.

With the privacy feature, you can clear the history of applications and websites that have shared your data. You can also opt out of the Future Off-Facebook Activity, which tells Facebook to disconnect any information the company has shared from your account. Or you can choose which companies you want to stop sharing with and it will stop showing these targeted ads.

Here’s how to gain more control over your Facebook privacy.

How to manage what sites you share with Facebook using the non-Facebook activity tool

Using Facebook business tools, you can see what information the applications and websites have sent to the company. From there, you can clear your account information and turn off future “Facebook activity” tracking from your account. You’ll be able to control this for all apps and websites, so they will no longer be able to share your search activity with Facebook.

To get started, go to Settings and privacy > Settings > Activity outside of Facebook. From there, you can manage your activity outside of Facebook, clear your entire history, and turn off future activity outside of Facebook for your account.

What happens when you turn off activity outside of Facebook

Once you’ve cleared the activity managed by the tool, Facebook will remove your personally identifiable information that apps and websites share. This means that Facebook will not know which websites you have visited or what you have viewed, so you will not see targeted ads from these sites.

What else can you do to improve your Facebook privacy?

If you want to control which ads you see (or not) on Facebook, go to yours Settings on your phone or desktop and select Ad preferences.

Under Advertisers and Businesses, you can see which advertisers have placed ads using a list uploaded to Facebook that contains your information. If you choose a company and choose Hide adsyou will not see ads from advertisers when using a list from this company.

You can also go to Ad settings and exclude ads based on partner data, ads based on your Facebook activity on company products you see elsewhere, and ads that include your social media activity. However, this will not delete any data and you will still see the same number of ads as before. The Off-Facebook Activity feature is the best way to remove your data.

If you’re an iPhone user, a feature introduced in iOS 14.5 called app tracking transparency requires you to grant app permission including Facebook before they can use your data for targeted ads. (Here how to use transparency to track applications.)

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