Nick Winsor has been appointed as the UK’s first Electricity Networks Commissioner, a vital new position which is part of the UK’s energy security strategy and will ensure Britain’s energy independence.

Today – 6 July 2022 – the UK Government has announced that Nick Winsor CBE will become the UK’s first Electricity Networks Commissioner, in the latest move to ensure the long-term future of secure, clean and affordable domestically generated energy in Britain.

Achieving energy independence in the UK with locally generated electricity

In early 2022, the government unveiled its ambitious targets to improve energy production from clean technologies such as offshore wind and nuclear reactors. It is hoped that accelerating the UK’s domestic energy supply will enable reduced energy bills for consumers and lead to increased energy independence for Britain.

Achieving this milestone, however, requires support from a new network infrastructure. As Britain’s new electricity networks commissioner, Winser will be in a position to facilitate the construction of the necessary infrastructure, such as transmission lines and electricity pylons. With this in place, home-generated energy can flow into households across the UK.

Additionally, the new role includes massively cutting the timeline for delivering ground-based transmission grid infrastructure by roughly three years and developing recommendations to facilitate halving the end-to-end project process by the mid-2020s.

Winser has extensive 30-year experience in the field of electrical networks and has previously advised government and industry on energy policy. He is also the current chairman of Power Systems Catapult.

This new appointment follows the recent announcements of Simon Bowen as Industry Advisor for Great British Nuclear and Tim Peake as Government Champion for Offshore Wind, both of whom will further boost the UK’s energy mix for generations to come.

Development of electricity transmission infrastructure in the UK

Business and Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said: “I am delighted to appoint Nick Winser as the UK’s first Electricity Networks Commissioner.

“Nick will play a key role in delivering the right grid infrastructure in the right places to ensure households can benefit from our abundant supply of clean, affordable, home-grown energy.”

Newly appointed Electricity Networks Commissioner Nick Winsor added: “Electricity networks are essential for transporting new low-carbon energy sources, such as that from offshore wind and nuclear, to where they are needed, in homes and businesses across the country where will be used more and more for new purposes such as charging electric vehicles and heating households with heat pumps.

“I look forward to taking on this important new role where I can help accelerate the delivery of new electricity transmission infrastructure, helping to provide consumers with a secure, reliable supply of green electricity while keeping costs as low as possible.” “

Electricity Networks Commissioner appointment will facilitate energy independence in Britain

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