Nothing has just revealed the design of your new phone. But is this the new look that will change the world of smartphones forever?

If you have not heard of the new technology company Nothing, then this is despite all their efforts. This company is trying to gain a reputation for thinking out of the ordinary, even turning the world of technology upside down with its innovative products, and in recent weeks the PR campaign has been exaggerated as it prepares to launch its first smartphone. This week – after numerous tasters, trailers and teasers – we finally managed to see the device itself in all its glory:

Judging the appearance of a smartphone is often a useless exercise, as each of us has his or her own subjective opinions about how a phone should or should not look. The constant debate about gloss against matte or curved screens against flat anger continues as usual, and none of us is wiser nonetheless.

For my own two cents, I have to say that it just doesn’t seem like much to me (and yes, the pun is completely intended). The device strongly resembles the iPhone 11, except for the surface changes on the surface, which are some flashing lights and a transparent back that allows you to see some components. I can’t call it beautiful, but it’s a little different, that’s for sure, and it’s nice to see a company that’s really trying something new, but in the context of Nothing’s mission, it’s really not as spectacular as I’d hoped.

After all, Carl Pay had previously torn herself apart in the technology industry, saying her ideas were exhausted and needed to change to improve consumers. All this time, is he really just talking about transparent back panels and flashing LEDs? Is this the missing link in the modern evolution of smartphones?

Pei, for his part, said the device was “polarized as planned.” He probably hopes that for every person who is not affected by the device, there will be another who will be enthusiastic about it. There was certainly evidence that both sides were in full force on social media, with ferocious detractors criticizing him for looking like a crazy phone case, and fans eagerly making their own renderings and quickly registering to be among the first hundred who buy the device on June 21-13.

This physical design is certainly more promising than the software we’ve seen so far (starter for nothing does not add much value beyond standard Android), but of course the real indicator of whether this phone sinks or floats will be its actual performance and its price.

Nothing has been able to create a real wave of excitement around a new product that, as far as we’ve seen so far, does things differently – even if it doesn’t quite a lot as different as the brand claims when it starts. If you can’t get enough of this new design, then the next few weeks will no doubt be filled with anticipation, as the new phone will soon make its full debut on July 12 – and I, for example, will certainly be intrigued to see where the manufacturer goes from here. As interesting as it was to take our first look at the phone, I hope that the real revolution will happen when we see the device in action.

Fast Charge: Don’t judge the Nothing phone(1) by its cover

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