MEMPHIS, Tennessee – John Bean knows heartache and pain and that’s because his daughter was killed.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies said his daughter, Trenishia Bean, was killed at her home in southeastern Shelby County in 2015.

She was only 24 years old.

Bean remembers receiving the call early in the morning from Trenishi’s mother.

Bob Trenishia

“She was just screaming,” he said. “I really couldn’t understand him, but she just said she was gone. I just literally stopped breathing. I had to get together. “

Bean then rushed to his daughter’s house, praying that the news was not true.

“After I turned the corner, it was just a sea of ​​blue lights,” he said. I couldn’t see the house because of the lights.

Deputies said Trenishia’s boyfriend had reported her murder. She was shot several times.

“I wanted to go see or try to find out what was going on, but they wouldn’t let me because it was a crime scene,” Bean said. “I really didn’t see my baby until he was in the morgue.

Trenishia’s family also said her three-year-old daughter was at home when her body was found.

“I really believe it was a home invasion, and they probably hoped no one was home, and she was,” Bean said. “I guess she knows the man or whoever he is, and they just felt like they couldn’t leave her alive.”

Deputies cited several clues outside the couple’s home, such as hair and boots, but Bean said he was still waiting for his daughter’s killer to be ransomed seven years later.

“You’re not just a killer, you’re a thief,” Bean said. “You robbed me, you robbed my whole family, you robbed my grandson’s mother.

If you know who killed Trenishia Bean, you need to call CrimeStoppers at (901) -528-CASH. Your advice can help put a dangerous criminal behind bars and put $ 2,000 in your pocket.

All calls are confidential.

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