Murata’s new BLE32SN series of chip ferrite beads are claimed to be the world’s first chip-type noise suppression components that have a current rating of 20A. Applications include noise suppression in circuits with large current flows, such as battery charging systems and electric vehicle drives, plus industrial equipment.

Previously, no chip-type noise reduction filter could reach a 20A rating. This meant that multiple chips had to be mounted in parallel, adding to the BoM cost and taking up board space. By specifying the BLE32SN series, fewer chips will be required (compared to standard 10A noise suppression chips), enabling space savings and weight reduction.

The BLE32SN series ferrite beads measure 3.2 by 2.5 by 2 mm. Operating temperature range is -55 to 125°C or -55 to 150°C depending on application requirements.

Ferrite beads first to achieve 20A