Commentary evidence for a planet beyond Pluto Scientific newsMay 6, 1972

There are speculations that our solar system may have a tenth planet … In April Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, a mathematician … presents what he says is “some very interesting evidence for a planet beyond Pluto.” The proof comes from calculations in the orbit of Halley’s Comet.


The proof from 1972 never gave a planet, but astronomers have not stopped searching – although it became a search for Planet 9 with the transition of Pluto to dwarf status in 2006. In mid-2010, scientists suggested that the pull of a large planet 500 to 600 times farther from the sun than Earth could explain the special orbits of some objects in the debris-laden Kuiper belt of the solar system (SN: 23.07.16, p. 7). However, this evidence may not withstand further investigation (SN: 13.03.21, p. 9). Researchers using the Atacama Space Telescope in Chile to scan nearly 90 percent of the Southern Hemisphere sky I was unlucky in finding the planetannounced the team in December 2021.

50 years ago, scientists had hints of a planet beyond Pluto

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