French company Fime has recently been accredited as an official certification body in support of India’s digital health initiative, also known as Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), which is implemented by the National Health Authority (NHA). The main objective of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) is to create an online health data platform and ecosystem while enabling seamless sharing of data between various healthcare providers, with assurance of confidentiality. “We are working to create a national digital health ecosystem in an efficient, inclusive, accessible, timely and safe manner,” they tweeted.

“We are working to create a national digital health ecosystem in an efficient, inclusive, accessible, timely and safe manner,” commented Mr. Kiran Gopal, Director, National Health Authority (NHA). “This is only possible if we can facilitate access to a wide range of data, information and infrastructure services. The use of open, interoperable, standards-based digital systems will ensure the security, privacy and confidentiality of personal health-related information. Our testing partners are at the heart of making this vision a reality.”

Consultants and testing experts at Fime will support healthcare providers, including but not limited to hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, insurance providers and clinical research and development, to obtain certification of their API applications. While working with Fime, interested parties will mainly go through three important certification stages:
Mandatory for all participants to enable Health ID capture and verification for seamless customer registration.
For entities that become health information providers (HIPs) to share digital records through health applications.
For entities that become health information users (HIUs) to review patients’ medical histories with their consent.

“With healthcare – as with financial services – data is the new currency,” adds Mr. Angaj Bhandari, Managing Director India and South Asia at Fime. “APIs have proven their worth in facilitating the seamless and secure exchange of data between parties. India is taking the lead in bringing this value to healthcare. This will improve clinical decision-making for healthcare providers, simplify telemedicine, facilitate access to treatment for patients, and enable clinical research, among other benefits. Certification is a key factor that protects the integrity of the space, the APIs it relies on, and ensures that the right parties are involved.

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