Many Apple TV owners were pleased when in 2021 the company upgraded its Siri remote along with new hardware that supports 4K HDR.

The first-generation remote, though it looked beautiful, was a nightmare. It was covered with fragile glass, so if you put it on a hard floor, it instantly broke, and the built-in trackpad was really poorly executed.

Fortunately, the updated aluminum option has been significantly improved, with a Siri button on the side, a better trackpad inside a directional pad and a much more durable construction.

However, we complained about the lack of two things; integration with Apple’s Find My tracking ecosystem and speakerphone when you try to find it.

Fortunately, a new leather case for Apple TV can partially solve these problems. The new protective sleeve from Nomad now there is a pocket for AirTag.

If you can overcome the fact that Apple may have built AirTag into Apple’s Siri remote in the first place, that’s not a bad alternative. You will be able to see the Apple TV remote in the Find My app and it will answer your calls.

The $ 33.95 case is made of saturated Ashland brown Horween leather from the USA, which is vegetable tanned and designed to age well over time. There is also an inner microfiber lining. It won’t add too much circumference to the remote itself and will look great on your coffee table. This would add the finishing touches to the remote, which our reviewer says makes “all the difference.”

He wrote: “The Remote Siri, which comes with the previous Apple TV 4K, was a mockery. It was too thin, too light, and the trackpad too susceptible to accidental touches. The swing itself will revive it and it was an absolute nightmare if you have a stray dog ​​who likes to jump on it.

“It took several years, but Apple finally redesigned the remote, and that’s a huge improvement. It’s not the best remote I’ve ever used, but considering how bad the older one was, that makes a difference. ”

Nomad products are sold in the UK through third-party retailers, so we can expect it to appear soon.

There’s finally a solution for the Apple TV Siri remote’s biggest issue

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