A Ukrainian flag flies over the parliament in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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The five-eyed countries, consisting of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as the European Union and Ukraine, have pressed Russia for a series of cyber incidents that led to the invasion of Ukraine.

Without attributing the attack at all, to said the UK it was “almost certain” that Russia had caused Viasat to shut down in February, which began an hour before the invasion of Ukraine began.

“Although the main target was believed to be the Ukrainian military, other customers were affected, including personal and commercial internet users. Central European wind farms and internet users were also affected,” the UK said.

The United Kingdom added that tens of thousands of Viasat terminals were down due to the attack.

The United States has said Russia has deployed multiple families of malware, including WhisperGate, against the Ukrainian government and private sector networks.

“In the months before and after the start of Russia’s further illegal invasion, Ukraine experienced a series of destructive cyber operations, including website damage, distributed denial-of-service attacks and cyber-attacks to erase data from government and private computers. . – all this is part of the Russian game book “, said the United States.

IN Canadian attribution further prompted Russia to target Ukraine’s banking sector in February, taking advantage of SolarWinds’ historically high vulnerability of 2021, following Canadian COVID vaccine research and interfering in Georgia’s 2020 parliamentary elections.

“Cybersets from the Russian government have compromised a number of Ukrainian civilian actors since October 2021 who will be involved in crisis response activities, including networks related to emergency services, energy, transport and communications,” Australian Government said.

New Zealand has said it will sanction eight individuals and legal entities involved in the attacks and “Putin’s disinformation campaign”.

“President Putin’s propaganda machine is in full swing, spreading lies and false information to justify Russia’s illegal invasion,” said New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaya Mahuta.

“Today’s announcement reflects our complete rejection of Putin’s story and his attempts to mislead the international community.”

in turn, said Ukraine Russia has been attacking cyberspace for eight years.

“Russia has released at least several families of malware in Ukraine since the beginning of the year: WhisperGate / WhisperKill, CaddyWiper, Hermetic Wiper, Industroyer2, DoubleZero, etc.,” it said.

“Russia is using cyberattacks to create a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, as hackers are trying to disrupt the energy sector, emergency services, communications and logistics.

“Russian hackers pose a threat not only to Ukraine but to the whole world.

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