It was almost May 1 – the ominously so-called Decisions Day, when high school seniors in the United States had to commit to college – and undecided teenagers became desperate. After touring campuses, studying college websites, and asking their families for advice, there was only one option left: to create a TikTok.

“All comments I have 3 days to decide”, one user prayed by posting a video listing the pros and cons of six university options (“please don’t go to Auburn because you’re kidding”, one viewer replied). Another graduate posted a video listing her three college opportunities and a a bold proclamation: “If this goes viral, I’ll leave the comments to decide.”

While sympathy for the college admission process on social media is nothing new (reaction to the college’s decision videos bring all the grief and pathos of Greek tragedies), handing over the reins to your followers on TikTok is original for Decision Day 2022. For some students, it’s just another way to gather content from an inherently dramatic moment, with some videos ending hundreds of thousands of views. But for others, it is a sincere attempt to get last-minute feedback on what may be the most important decision in a young person’s life.

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