Of course, gaming consoles have many advantages. However, one of the great advantages of being a PC gamer is that you can do a lot with your system. This includes modding the games, tweaking the setting and making a lot more to get an enhanced gaming experience. Of course, let’s not forget the free Windows apps and software that you can download.

But, yes, although there are many free Windows gaming apps, not all of them will enhance your gaming experience. Some will just take up extra space and hold resources. The others are there to make your PC gaming experience a little more refined. Want to know about some of these hidden gems? You may wish to continue reading as this guide contains descriptions of many of these programs.

Playnite – A free Windows app to run all your games from one place

Juggling multiple game launchers can be a pain. Steam, Epic, GOG, the list goes on. Playnite rushes in as your knight in shining armor. It’s a free solution to consolidate all your games into one unified hub.

Just link your accounts (or scan for installed games) and you’re done! Launch every game you own from the comfort of Playnite, eliminating the need to remember which platform contains each title. Additionally, its open source nature provides peace of mind when it comes to security.

Where to download: Playnite official site

Moonlight – A free game streaming application for Windows

Moonlight streaming app for windows

Craving that big screen experience but stuck at your desk? Unlike consoles, PC games have traditionally not had a seamless streaming solution. Moonlight to the rescue! This free Windows app uses the power of your Nvidia GPU to stream PC games to various devices.

This includes phones, tablets, smart TVs and more. Yes, you can forget bulky HDMI cables! Moonlight uses Nvidia’s GameStream technology for smooth gameplay on the go, turning any space into yours personal gaming paradise.

Where to download: Moonlight Official Website

CurseForge – A free Windows app to keep your mods up to date

curseforge app for windows

PC games thrive on customization, and mods are a powerful tool for customizing your experience. From adding intricate details to streamlining gameplay, mods offer endless possibilities. However, managing a growing collection of mods can become overwhelming.

Enter CurseForge. This free Windows app is basically your one-stop shop for all things modding. This free app acts as a central hub for popular titles like Minecraft, World of Warcraft and The Sims 4. You can view, download and update your mods in one place. You can keep your gaming experience meticulously organized with it.

Of course, the free version shows ads. But some of that revenue directly supports mod creators. If you want an ad-free experience, a paid upgrade is readily available.

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Where to download: CurseForge official website

Nvidia FrameView – Free Windows application for comparing games

Nvidia FrameView

Have you ever struggled with games that don’t have built-in benchmarks? But first, why do you need it? Benchmarking allows you to measure game performance. It is crucial to understand its capabilities and optimize the settings. This is where Nvidia FrameView comes in. This is a free application for Windows specially designed for benchmarking without disappointment.

FrameView lets you measure and record key metrics. This includes frame rates, frame times, and even GPU power consumption. Just use a hotkey to capture data for a specific period. This makes comparisons between different settings easy. Imagine changing graphics settings and instantly seeing the impact on performance. FrameView makes it so easy.

Where to download: Official Nvidia site

HWiNFO – a free application for Windows to monitor pace


We’ve all been there, PC gamers – the dreaded performance drop caused by overheating. HWiNFO (or HWiNFO64) steps. exactly here. Offers a free real-time system monitoring solution. This handy Windows tool keeps you informed of important metrics. This includes GPU temperature and CPU voltage. Allows you to identify potential thermal throttling issues before they affect your gameplay.

HWiNFO goes beyond simple readings. You can visualize temperature fluctuations over time with detailed graphs. It’s even possible to pin basic sensor data (like CPU temperature) to your taskbar for constant monitoring. With HWiNFO, you can stay on top of your system’s health and ensure smooth operation. Che easy making it a must-have free Windows app for gaming.

Where to download from: Official website of HWiNFO

WinDirStat – A free Windows application for your storage devices

WinDirStat for Windows

Even the most spacious SSDs can bend under the weight of modern games. Also, let’s not forget to consider video downloads and other applications. Basically, you can find yourself desperately searching for a free space at any point. Unlike the limited Windows storage management tools, WinDirStat comes to the rescue.

This free Windows application acts as a disk detective. It reveals the space hogs lurking on your devices. This handy app provides a visual representation of your storage usage. This allows you to determine exactly exactly which files and folders take up the most space. You can find this giant installation of a game or an archive of forgotten videos. WinDirStat makes storage management easy.

Where to download: WinDirStat official website

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