The Galaxy S22 Ultra is really successful as it crossed the 11 million units sold mark. A real success that shows that Samsung’s strategy has paid off. The device in this way beats the Galaxy Note 8the last smartphone in the range to exceed 10 million.

We remind you that the Galaxy S22 Ultra replaces the Note range, which is no longer of much interest today. Thus, it incorporates a stylus directly integrated into its housing and places itself in the ultra-premium segment.

The first Galaxy Note was available in 2011 and had two strong arguments to convince: the huge 5.3-inch screen (giant for the time) and the presence of a stylus. Over the years, smartphone panels have grown and the Note has lost its core features.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has outsold every Galaxy Note

In 2016, Samsung had to remove the Galaxy Note 7 from sale due to multiple cases of battery explosions. That didn’t stop the Galaxy Note 8 from reaching 10 million units sold in 2017.

But in the following years, sales collapsed. The latest model was available in 2020: the Galaxy Note 20 (and Note 20 Ultra). A product that clearly failed to convince the crowds. Samsung has reportedly only released 600,000 units from its factories. We can attribute this poor performance to Covid, but also to the lack of interest in the smartphone.

While the Note 20 clearly wasn’t a bad smartphone, it didn’t offer anything amazing for its price. It could no longer rely on its size (panels over 6 inches became the norm) and the stylus was no longer sufficient.

Therefore, Samsung decided to completely abandon the Note range. The baton was taken over by the S22 Ultra, which takes all the features of the Notes: a large screen (at least larger than the other S22 models) and the presence of a stylus. A strategy that makes sense and pays off.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra outsold the latest Galaxy Note smartphones

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