Speaker 1: The five galaxy watch series have landed and we have a lot to talk about. We’re going to look at a lot of the major new features, including things like new watch faces as well as the sensors that are on board, we’re going to do a little workout with the galaxy watch five pro and some of these new sports modes that there are. And most importantly, perhaps somewhat superficially. Let’s talk about how it feels on the wrist. And are we really missing this physical spinning ball or will we find out now, stay tuned for the full review to come [00:00:30] really soon. Obviously with two days of use I can’t do a full, deep dive for you because there’s a lot more data analysis and stuff to go into. So don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already man this is my first 48 hours with galaxy watch five and watch five pro. Speaker 1: Okay, let’s start things off with the regular Galaxy Watch pet first. This is the 40mm edition. So this is the smaller of the two sizes available. I do it [00:01:00] I have a relatively small wrist and it fits quite snugly on the back of my wrist. As you can see here, there are no gaps or anything like that. And I really think that this new design of the back panel that is on the watch, the five series really helps to keep it tighter on my wrist compared to the classic galaxy watchful that I also wear in the same size, which just doesn’t stay as secure on the wrist. Okay. Well, let’s look at some [00:01:30] on the dials, because I don’t know about you, but I like some new dials just quick. There are a few new ones I’ve discovered on the five o’clock so far, including a garden that is this one here. Speaker 1: And then we have the gradient number. This species looks somewhat similar to this large blob. One you might remember from the big blob watch isn’t technically the correct name, but I’m taking it. The big change is that you can add complications to this one. [00:02:00] Now we have to talk about the lack of physical BELE, which I will not lie. I’m still kind of sad, but the touch I feel on the BELE has potentially improved a bit compared to the last time I used it on the non-classic galaxy watch four series. But if I go slow enough, I feel like it gives me a similar experience to the physical spinning BELE. But yeah, I still miss it. The rest of the interface looks almost exactly as it did on the watch four, especially if you have the latest UI update. Speaker 1: [00:02:30] So no big changes. Sensors haven’t really changed much. Or the blood oxygen sensors are still there, you get the heart rate sensor with high and low heart rate alerts, the ECG or electrocardiogram app, and the bioimpedance sensor to give you body composition analysis. The only sensor I can’t show you yet is the skin temperature sensor on the galaxy watch pet series because it’s not active yet when recording, but hopefully soon, but I can show you that sensor on the back. This is the infrared sensor. It is [00:03:00] skin temperature measurement and will probably more often than not be used during sleep. The Five Watch will also have some sleep tracking improvements. I’ve worn it to sleep. And as you can see, even though I had some sleep time, the actual quality probably wasn’t that good. Speaker 1: 67 as a sleep score is quite low because I was awake. You know, I was probably thinking about what I was going to say in this video. Anyway, you get your sleep stages all listed here, which isn’t [00:03:30] something really new. If you have seen many other wearable devices that perform the stages of sleep. And more importantly, if you wear this seven nights in a row, you’ll get a sleep animal that represents how you sleep and sleep pattern. It will then also give you a guide on how to improve your sleep in five weeks. Obviously I still haven’t had it in seven nights, but stay tuned. I will let you know how useful this sleep guide actually is to be aware of us. Watch of course Google [00:04:00] apps, yes. And Google Assistant. The more important thing now is just to be aware that it comes with your old friend. Speaker 1: Bigby <смее се> default, I went right in and changed it. Other Google apps include the ability to have YouTube music and Google Maps here as you can also see which is nice and some quick impressions of the battery so far over the last 48 hours, the smaller 40mm version seems to be on its way to my gave around [00:04:30] 24 hours total battery life on a single charge. Maybe I can get a little bit more out of it because I did a really long hour and a half to two hour workout yesterday, which you’ll see soon with the galaxy watch five pro, but that was probably a little bit longer than something like a normal day. So that might have affected the battery life. More tests to be done, stay tuned and I’ll let you know. Oh, and this was with always-on display off. [00:05:00] So I’m sure with always on it might drop a bit more. Speaker 1: Okay, galaxy watch five pro time. This one is obviously much bigger than the galaxy watch pet I wear. That’s 45 millimeters. This is just one size. And even though I have a really small restoration, I wouldn’t say really small, but it’s, you know, a pretty small wrist. It feels pretty secure on my wrist. Definitely thicker than the regular five o’clock version. [00:05:30] But that’s because it has a bigger battery and a more durable build. The watch band also works differently than the watch five. It has a magnetic clasp. This is the professional analog watch. Yes, you can get this on regular galaxy too. Watch five, so don’t be too alarmed if you really like it but think it will be too much for you. There’s actually this option where you can change it to have a compass, which is pretty cool. Speaker 1: Touching BELE on this one, [00:06:00] I feel it really works better. Not just because it’s, you know, functionally better or anything, but really because you have this raised lip on the actual physical BELE of the watch to stop your finger from wobbling and rolling out of bounds, which really helps me, at least the general Functionality of the sensors and the interface are almost the same as the regular Galaxy Watch Five, but there is something new in terms of the software bar. [00:06:30] Watch five pro has a few extra sports features that the regular watch pet doesn’t have, including back tracking. This is the first day of wearing the five pro watch. I’m walking my dog ​​in the middle of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. So I’m going to test it and see if it can navigate me back to my starting point. It’s really easy to activate you. Just go into the settings while you’re currently doing a specific workout and then find the go back function and it should navigate you back to your starting point. [00:07:00] So let him even bring me home. Speaker 1: So the green line shows the return route and the blue line is the road route in a way Nate, make sure I’m really going the right way. No, I think I should just rely on my dog ​​and not the watch because he seems to know his way out <смее се>, but my watch tells me I have to turn pretty soon, and that’s exactly the route I went back. Ah, done [00:07:30] at least until the traffic lights, which is a good sign. Oh that’s good. It says my next ten are coming. So it buzzed and gave me a little notice. I just got my phone out too late to film it, but you get the idea Speaker 1: And we’re there. Another sports feature in the works that is new is the ability to import route information from a GPX file and then get things like turn-by-turn navigation. He will ask me to pull [00:08:00] my phone and then bring up this page that says about routes and then import a GPX file. Here’s one I prepared earlier that was a nice long bike ride and make sure it’s selected as cycling or hiking. Okay. Here it is on the watch itself. And now we can just start the route and it’ll give me turn-by-term navigation and show me the map as we go again, like five o’clock, there’s still a lot of battery testing for this one. But to give you an idea of ​​battery drain [00:08:30] that walk and the hike you just saw took an hour and a half, the battery dropped to about 15%. Speaker 1: So the request is to have 20 hours of GPS usage. So we’ll see, we’ll see if we can get there. I don’t know if I’m ready for a 20 hour trek, but let me know. I’ll see what I can do. These are some early first impressions of the new galaxy watch pet series. If you have a question that I haven’t answered in this video, leave me a comment and let me know and I’ll answer as many as I can [00:09:00] them as much as I can in the coming days, as well as going over some of them in the full review coming soon. In the meantime, many more tests need to be done. Thanks again for watching and see you next time.


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