Krylin has spent a year designing the Positron, which has already caused a stir as it is a filament printer that deposits polymer under the print bed so that the subject hangs down while printing – which reduces the entire moving table to bench level. allowing high print speeds.

And despite folding in a space measuring ~ 200 x 200 x 75 mm – the prototype is carried in a box with threads on the printer – version 3 of the prototype will print objects up to 180 x 185 x 180 mm.

This is not the first “inverted” printer, and Krillin attributes it to the giants whose owners he stood, but it is an example of a jewel for a concept that prints extremely well – making it even more remarkable, which the designer gave it to the world – including for commercial explication.

Look this video on YouTube to see version 3 of Krylin’s Positron in action, and see the history of its development. (The image above was copied from the YouTube video)

Generous designer open-sources innovative 3D printer

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