Buying food and other daily necessities wholesale can be a great way to save some money. Warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club are extremely popular because they offer a wide selection of products and competitive prices, but you need a membership to be able to shop there.

A one-year membership to Sam’s Club would usually cost you $ 45 in total, but you can sign up right now only $ 20, less than half the price. Sam’s Club sweetened the deal by including vouchers for eight packets of gourmet cupcakes and 18 packets of chocolate chip cookies. This means that in addition to saving $ 25 for a one-year membership, you also receive $ 14 extras. You can take advantage of this offer now until May 12.

With your membership in Sam’s Club you can get benefits such as free pick-up from the board, which saves a lot of time when you have a busy week, as well as the same day delivery option for only $ 12. You will also receive exclusive prices on selected Sam’s Club petrol pumps, along with free repair of flat tires, battery test and replacement of windshield wipers. And your membership comes with additional benefits outside the store, such as access to discounts on hotels, car rentals, live events, attractions, movies and more.

Sam’s Club also sells more than just groceries, with a huge selection of electronics, furniture, clothing, games and more. In fact, if you have difficulty reaching the next generation Xbox Series X or PS5, it may be worth joining this deal just to gain access to member-exclusive console stocks we’ve seen in the past. No matter what you use it for, for only $ 20, your Sam’s Club membership will pay off in no time.

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