Roborock offers regular discounts on its full-featured smart vacuum cleaners all year round. Unlike other companies, you don’t have to rely on Black Friday sales to improve your home cleaning. Startup from only $ 159.99you can automate the cleaning process with the incredible discounts of Roborock for Mother’s Day 2022.

The company has just unveiled its top-class Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, available with the Auto Empty-Clean-Wash-Refill docking station, priced at $ 1,399.99 with an ongoing offer for the free H7 Pure wireless vacuum cleaner. However, of course, this is not a product for everyone.

If you want something more reasonableThe Mother’s Day promotion makes the following models mandatory for purchase:

  1. The flagship S7 is now only available $ 479.99 | 26% off with $ 170 off
  2. S6 Pure for $ 319.99 | 47% discount with a $ 280 discount
  3. E4 for $ 159.99 | 47% discount with a $ 140 discount

The promotion for Mother’s Day 2022 will last until May 8.

Some of the robovacs are currently on sale

Roborock S7 should be your choice if you want a strong vacuum cleaner, which is also great for cleaning. The S7 comes with high-intensity cleaning settings from 1650 times / minute to 3000 times / minute, easily breaking down surface dirt and breaking down even the toughest, driest mess – leaving floors cleaner than ever.

Along with the inclusion of one of the fastest sound mops on the market with a smart automatic lift for powerful, trouble-free cleaning, the S7 comes with 2500Pa suction for effortless lifting of dirt and debris from deep carpets. Add the extremely large 5200 mAh battery and you can get up to three hours of continuous cleaning.

If you don’t want to overdo it and need something that works, the Roborock S6 Pure is the answer. Ideal for large homes, The S6 Pure comes with a large 180 ml water tank which makes it possible to clean and vacuum up to 150 square meters (1610 square feet) with one cleaning. It is also equipped with a 5200mAH lithium-ion battery that can cover an area of ​​3300sqft on a single charge.

High-precision laser navigation system rotating at 300 rpm, advanced mapping systems, restricted areas, virtual barriers and a wide network of thirteen types of sensors make the S6 Pure a fantastic product, now available for only $ 319.99 during the promotional period for Mother’s Day.

roborock s6 net discount mother 's day 2022

For a starting point in automatic cleaning or as a useful gift for someone you may want to consider the Roborock E4. With a suction power of 2000pa with carpet reinforcement and 200 minutes of operating time, the E4 is the perfect smart vacuum cleaner, which can now be purchased for only $ 159.99 this week.

The Roborock E4 vacuum cleaner has all the fantastic features such as application management, voice assistant support, multiple cleaning modes and a super large 640 ml rubbish bin. For an additional $ 30, you can also add the mop module to the E4 and still be able to take home an extremely affordable smart vacuum cleaner.

Roborock E4

Go to Roborock to view the 2022 Mother ‘s Day campaign and all products receive this time-limited discount.

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Last Chance to Get Roborock’s Smart Vacuum and Mops on Mother’s Day Offer

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