Based in Berlin Take Henry has raised € 16.5 million in initial financing (€ 10 million equity, € 6.5 million debt). The startup provides end-mile delivery companies and couriers with an end-to-end e-bike rental service. The new capital is expected to boost pan-European enlargement efforts. To date, fans of Henry’s work have raised a total of 17.5 million euros.

Having served as a bicycle courier in my 20s in New York and again briefly at the start of the pandemic, I can personally testify to the training that traditional cycling can provide. Having said that, I’m planning to get my first electronic bike in the coming weeks. A longtime supporter of the method, after a test drive, well, let’s just say, my back, shoulders, legs and almost everything in between thanked me for that.

This is also the case with many riders who travel to the last mile. The mystery comes in the case of exposing the rather large start-up capital needed to acquire the mentioned e-ride.

Enter the stage on the left, GetHenry.

Providing cyclists with an affordable e-bike subscription that includes not only the bike itself, but also a package of end-to-end services and an insurance plan that covers theft and all kinds of accidents.

In addition to selling directly to riders, GetHenry also lists the big players in q-commerce Gorillas, Flink, Just Eat, MAYD and arrives among its customer base.

“We have seen over the last 12 months how important it has been to provide sustainable last mile delivery solutions. As logistics companies struggle to meet the ever-increasing demand for faster deliveries, GetHenry is here to provide a quality fleet of electric vehicles that can take care of the current climate, ”said GetHenry co-founder and CEO Luis Orsini-Rosenberg. “We allow delivery companies to continue with what they do best – deliver – by providing round-the-clock maintenance and service, with up-to-date data on the condition of their one-stop delivery vehicles to ensure peace of mind.”

LocalGlobe led the circle, s Visionary Club, Founder of the team, EnBW New Ventures (ENV), GreenPoint Partners, SpeedUp Venturesand Third Sphere also involved. Existing investors APX InnoEnergyand angel investors, CEO of Voi Fredrik Helmformer Chief Operating Officer of Tier Roger Hassanand CEO of Everphone Jan Julko also helped turn the crank.

“GetHenry is a great example of success in the face of adversity. “Like all the good stories of the founders, Lewis and Nick showed great levels of agility and dedication to change and adapt their proposals during the pandemic and have been rewarded with great success over the past 12 months,” commented LocalGlobe’s Julia Hawkins. “I have no doubt that GetHenry will continue to grow in 2022 as more and more logistics companies look for reliable and sustainable solutions to the additional requirements of immediate trading.”

Leading image: Rico Rolle

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