Git MergeThe conference on reuniting the Git community returns Sept. 14-15 in Chicago, Illinois.

We hope you can join us in person for all-day technical talks, plus a day of seminars before the Git user conference at all levels. Tickets and registration details will be available soon. As always, we will donate all proceeds from Git Merge’s tickets Protecting the freedom of software to support their work to improve and protect free open source software, including the Git project itself.

Call for speakers

In the meantime, we are accepting proposals from today until Sunday, July 10. Just send us an offer and we will send you an email by Friday, July 22nd. For more information on the type of calls we are looking for, please check outside ours Call for speakers.

Teaser on what to expect. Karen Garcia in the photo gives a speech at Git Merge in 2017.


Git Merge is for the Git community, not a company. Therefore, the conference would not have been possible without the help of our sponsors and community partners. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities at Git Merge, please see prospectus For more information.

See you in Chicago!

Git Merge 2022

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