GlobalLogic Inc. launched the Influential Women Program, designed to encourage and empower women employees who are interested in exploring cross-functional management positions in a technology company. As part of the company’s focus on DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), GlobalLogic strives for greater diversity at all levels of the workforce by gender, sexual orientation, color, ethnicity, age and ability. The program for influential women is specifically aimed at promoting greater gender diversity, especially among company leaders. The program will provide opportunities for development and mentoring through the people development feature of GlobalLogic and individual business units.

Basic program elements

The program focuses on about nine competencies that participants will explore through a set of learning modules, with the entire trip under the program expected to last five to six months. Working in tandem, global groups of women based around the world will come together to share and learn from collective experiences.

Competences encourage the development of “soft” skills – this means that those that are not directly related to a formal educational program, but rather are acquired through experience and peers. These competencies include directness and openness, inspiration and influence over others, effective decision-making, professional development of the network and continuous development of communication skills. Participants in the program will also receive training specific to GlobalLogic’s capabilities, which aim to improve core corporate knowledge and increase the depth of technical competencies.

“Diversity, equality and inclusion are paramount to GlobalLogic’s success,” said Amy Hanlon-Rodemic, GlobalLogic’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “We created the Influential Women Program to elevate emerging women leaders and prepare them to take on a wider range of roles and responsibilities, including expanding to senior leadership roles. This program will enable more women leaders to take more strategic positions in the company. “

Based on research

Originally piloted in India in 2020, the program aimed to actively focus on improving the company’s governance by taking into account diversity and inclusion; especially for the women in the company. After conducting an in-depth analysis of leadership roles and pathways to these positions, GlobalLogic’s program development team found that while overall statistics on digital engineering company’s diversity are above the industry average, an even more diverse senior management team would be huge. improvement of current managerial titles.

Research shows that the mismatch between women and men is due to a number of factors, including the prioritization of private and family life, cultural requirements and differences, and organizational dynamics. It was also noted that many women have a clear “burnout” effect, which shows an ongoing struggle to identify resources and career opportunities.

In response, the program development team explored opportunities to accelerate women’s career paths by developing basic leadership skills and helping them become ready for the future, positioning participants to take on new roles in GlobalLogic.

“Our goal is to correct the imbalance between women in leadership roles and men, which is common in the technology industry according to global statistics,” said Shivani Hanna, senior manager, human resources team, GlobalLogic. “We believe that through structured guidelines and the promotion of our program we can positively change this dynamic.”

Creating a supportive ecosystem

The ecosystem developed by GlobalLogic will include Anchors, a role played by members of the human resources team to help ensure that the program works effectively. The facilitators will also manage the training groups and mentors, who will lead the specific activities designed to provide the professional skills mentioned earlier.

Participant managers will be recorded as “program catalysts” responsible for ensuring that the program is not just a training exercise, but rather a comprehensive learning journey that supports the training and progress of employees throughout the organization.

“The program’s sponsors – managers and mentors – will act as coaches to monitor staff travel. They will help participants focus on content and activities appropriate to each individual’s unique path, ”Hannah continued. “We are excited to officially launch this program at GlobalLogic locations around the world.”

GlobalLogic Launches Women Influencers Program

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