KRK reveals GoAux portable monitor system.

Take KRK monitoring with you on the go with the new GoAux series.

It comes in two compact sizes, the three-inch GoAux 3 and four inches GoAux 4 are professional quality monitors with a portable design featuring Bluetooth technology. As a complete near-field reference monitor solution, the GoAux delivers the same natural and balanced frequency response that has become synonymous with the KRK name in a new, mobile-friendly size for engineers, producers, DJs, artists and mixers of all genres.

The launch of GoAux marks an industry first, with KRK offering a unique and complete portable monitor solution for traveling audio professionals on a budget. Both the KRK GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 are all-in-one monitors that can’t be found anywhere else.

KRK GoAux is now available worldwide at authorized KRK dealers.

ADAM Audio and Sonarworks announced details of Series cooperation.

ADAM Audio and Sonarworks are partnering on a special offer for the A Series Monitors.

The ADAM Audio A series delivers extremely accurate, transparent sound across a range of monitors. The line also boasts numerous sound and room adaptation options that can be controlled remotely and in real-time via A Control, a free-to-download software application from ADAM Audio (available for Windows and MacOS).

The control also facilitates the series’ long-awaited feature, delivered in collaboration with calibration experts Sonarworks. With A Control, you can upload and store SoundID Reference calibration profiles directly into the DSP of A Series monitors without the need to launch the SoundID Reference app or an additional DAW plug-in.

To help as many people as possible experience this new technology, ADAM Audio and Sonarworks are pleased to share details of an extended 60-day trial of SoundID Reference for Series A customers.

Watch an introductory video to A Control here.

Focusrite announces an exclusive offer in cooperation with Avid.

Focusrite and Avid join forces in an attractive new offer for selected Focusrite interfaces.

Focusrite is excited to announce its partnership with long-time friends, Avid, with the offer of a three-month subscription to Professional tool maker and Avid Complete Plugin Bundle (as well as generous discounts after the three months are up) for all Scarlett 3rd Gen and Clarett+ customers.

Pro Tools Artist presents Focusrite customers with an industry-standard DAW that gives them all the tools they need to create and record studio-quality recordings. With all the plugins available in the included Complete Plugin Bundle combined with powerful audio editing tools, you’ll be able to confidently create bigger and better tracks.

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Warm audio debuted on Centavo overdrive pedal.

Warm Audio tips its hat to classic overdrive with the Centavo pedal.

The Warm Audio Centavo is an accurate recreation of one of the most elusive overdrive pedals in guitar history. Known for its vaunted gain and overdriven tones, the craze for this hugely popular pedal continues today, long after its original production from 1994 to 2009.

With prices skyrocketing to unimaginable prices for a three-knob overdrive, it’s no wonder guitarists like Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, John Mayer and Josh Homme have found all the mythic magic of the original pedals to be worth the hype. The Warm Audio Centavo is a true-to-the-original overdrive pedal that authentically recreates the legendary experience and adored tones of the original, legendary box.

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