Goodbye to physical buttons and headphone jacks!

Apple’s recent “Let Loose” event revealed a strategic shift in their iPad portfolio, introducing upgraded Air and Pro models along with tweaks to their budget offering. The move streamlines the iPad lineup while placing a new emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Apple streamlines the iPad range with new models and focuses on environmental impact

Goodbye to the headphone jack and home button era

The most significant change involves the discontinuation of the 9th generation model. This model, known as the final version with a headphone jack and a physical Home button, has been removed from the official Apple lineup. This decision reflects a design trend that started with the iPhone and has now permeated the iPad line. Newer generations, including the newly introduced 10th generation, prioritize larger screen-to-body ratios achieved by minimizing bezels and eliminating physical buttons. Therefore, the Let Loose event marked the end of an era for the iPad with these familiar features.

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Price reduction for 10th generation iPad

Apple has provided some welcome news for users on a budget with a 10% price cut for the 10th generation model, available in 64GB and 256GB storage capacities. The move makes the iPad more accessible to a wider audience, potentially cementing its position as an entry point into Apple’s tablet ecosystem.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Another notable development at the event is Apple’s decision to remove power adapters from the box of the new iPads. This initiative is in line with their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. An apple claims that this change will reduce e-waste and encourage reuse of existing adapters, minimizing the environmental footprint associated with their products.

Looking ahead: a streamlined and eco-friendly experience

Apple’s strategic adjustments streamline the iPad lineup, prioritizing newer models that fit the current design language and user preferences. The 10th generation iPad’s price drop widens its appeal. While the removal of power adapters highlights Apple’s focus on environmental responsibility. This change positions the iPad as a powerful and user-friendly device with a focus on sustainability, potentially attracting both new and existing Apple users.

Apple iPad Lineup: Goodbye to Physical Buttons and Headphone Jacks!

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