Google recently held its I / O 2022 event. During this conference, the company had a number of new products as well as software-based announcements. But one of the most notable gadgets were the AR glasses that were teased during the virtual event.

For those who don’t know, the search engine giant has dealt with augmented reality in the past with its Google Glass. But this product never appeared on the market. But during the I / O event, the brand had teased an AR Glasses-like product in a short video. In other words, it could be the successor to Google Glass. In particular, this teaser also arrives as the world shifts to the digital realm of messaging such as the metaverse and companies such as Apple, Meta and Snap, which are also actively working on their own AR-related products.

In this case, the company announced Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Watch and also showed the design of the Pixel 7. However, packed between these launches were AR glasses. Looking at the short teaser, we can see the product including AI language translation in real time. This feature was emphasized as the person standing in front spoke a different language until the user received the translated AR version of his glasses, which he could read.


Unfortunately, the teaser only showed how the new glasses will work and showed only one of its many features. We still have no idea what the product might look like. In addition, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that the AR glasses are still in the early prototype and are currently being tested. So we can expect to hear more from the company sometime in the future.


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Google’s publication irritates its AR glasses powered by AI during the IO 2022 event, first appeared in Gizmochina.

Google teases its AI powered AR Glasses during IO 2022 event

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