The FIDO alliance is at the forefront of the password-free movement. The organization has worked with many technology companies for years to encourage them to adopt standards that do not require authentication passwords.

Well, the people of the FIDO Alliance must be jumping for joy. In a new statement, Google, Microsoft and Apple have agreed to play well with each other to allow password-free access to their platforms.

In March, the FIDO Alliance published a white paper, which it presented the password concept which allows cross-platform and multi-device logins without passwords. The new release ensures that major operating systems support these features.

Apple and Microsoft now have some ability to enable password-free authentication within their own ecosystems. On the other hand, Google uses some FIDO protocols to activate two-factor authentication.

There are two main problems with the system in place: you can’t access websites and services using devices on different platforms, and if you lose access to your device (such as your phone), you need to sign up again.